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Of course, a global network is not something out of science fiction that would run forever if people disappeared from the planet. The network needs millions of people to define it, build it, maintain it, manage it and adapt it to meet the ever-morphing demands of seven billion human beings — a number that is only growing.

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Hofmann, still a competitive water polo player, has spent 13 years at Bell Labs. Every day we ask ourselves: The best books of Rather than dating them, it time codes them.

  • Egg brain first dating day lyrics.
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People picking up, say, Microserfs two decades later enjoy the book for its tech fidelity as for anything else. I ask Hofmann what he thinks the long-term effect of access to so much information is going to be. We have to face the fact that God might actually be bored by knowing all the answers to everything.

Douglas Coupland: 'I miss my pre-internet brain'

Hofmann gives a dry chuckle. But manufacturing competition is crazy, and we have such quick feedback now. One can look back on the print era and witness true poignancy: Born, grew up, had kids, maybe, and died… what kind of story is that? This is a very different society from one peopled by book readers. Print-era holdouts see the non-linear children of the web as shallow and emotionally impoverished.

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    The Next 20-Mile Clouds

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