Dating customs in czech republic

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I taught English and soaked up the experience of living abroad. It was an adventure.

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Then, I fell in love. My beau was Czech. We met at the Sparta ice-hockey arena, both having gotten tickets from a mutual English-teacher friend. Ours was a spring romance in a fairytale city.

We ate strawberries on Kampa, rollerbladed in Stromovka and drank beer at the Riegrovy sady beer garden. My friends said it was too fast. Then we moved to America. We stayed there long enough for our first child to be born.

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That wearing tights in the winter months is considered normal for Czech preschool boys think Superhero mentality for staying warm , but crying in public, even for young boys, is considered taboo. That my family would greet spring each year by celebrating Witch-Burning Night on April 30 with a village party — an enormous bonfire, beer, sausages and witches dressed in pointed hats.

Reason for dating a beautiful Czech woman?

Despite getting over my prudishness, my own kids would insist on wearing bathing suits, even when I told them it was okay to go in the buff like their friends. That all Czech citizens even those with dual-citizenship would be required by law to enter and leave the Schengen Area on a Czech passport. Being refused exit by Czech Foreign Police at the airport when my children had valid US passports but no Czech ones was a tough way to learn this lesson.

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As mentioned above, in the winter there are not too many people strolling along the sidewalks. But summer is a totally different experience. You will be amazed at how many beautiful young ladies seem to be everywhere. Not too sure about Czech women?

Should You Date Czech Women? - Eastern European Travel

Maybe you should try other nice, kind, foreign women, for example from the Ukraine , Romania, Thailand, Belarus, Slovakia , Hungary or Russia. These women will also inspire you and help to make your life very enjoyable. Just check through our profiles and start chatting. Czech women Ah, the Czech Republic. What do Czech ladies look like?

How do I date a single female from Czech Republic? Open doors for your lady, and allow her to enter first.

Czech Republic

Help her on with her coat, and listen attentively to her conversation. Do not treat your date as some piece of eye-candy. She will expect to be treated as an equal partner, so remember to consult her on all those important decisions that turn up out of the blue. Remember that the truth will always be discovered at a later date. Stuff to remember Most Czech women and girls are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, with a possible view to marriage. A nice smile with clean teeth and fresh breath is a winner.

A little courtesy goes a long way, so be a gentleman at all times. Chat about your interests and hobbies , and maybe talk about some countries you have visited. A well-spoken, well-travelled, well-educated man will be attractive to the gorgeous girls of this beautiful land. Where can I meet one of these stunning young women? The larger cities, such as Prague, Brno , Olomoc and Plzen are full of street cafes, which are like magnets for attracting young people.

Czech women

Again, these cities are pretty well stocked with night clubs, music bars, bistros and fast-food centres , all of which are great places to meet single women and girls. The capital, Prague, has a beautiful river running through the centre of the city. A leisurely stroll along one of the many promenades will bring you into close proximity with endless numbers of sleek females.

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