Dating old paintings

The most-often overlooked aspect of an artwork is by no means its least important, as specialist Tom Rooth explains. Sano di Pietro , The Madonna and Child, circa On gold ground panel. Most galleries will label the pictures they buy and sell.


In London, I look out for labels from dealers such as The Fine Art Society and Richard Green , although there are several names that are key players in the market. Exhibition labels are also important to look for: An exhibition label can also lead us to original reviews, allowing us to see how a painting was first received, which is always interesting, and a good addition to catalogue notes. Like radiocarbon dating, uranium-thorium dating relies on how the radioactive isotopes have decayed to find a date.

What they discovered in each of the three caves were minimum ages of 65, years and older—an astonishing number when considering that modern humans were suspected to arrive 25, years later. But not all researchers agree that uranium-thorium dates are valid.

Marks and labels on paintings: a specialist's guide | Christie's

In a paper published in Quarternary International , paleoanthropologists Georges Sauvet, Randall White and others argued that uranium-thorium dating of Paleolithic art could be prone to overestimating and underestimating the age of the pigments. This is because cave formations sometimes grow in fits and starts, so the age could be unreliable, and because water can leach uranium away from the rock, again leading to miscalculated dates.

This same criticism has been applied to earlier studies, including a paper in Science that examined artwork from 11 Spanish caves using uranium-thorium dating. For Georges Sauvet, the author of several papers critiquing uranium-thorium dating, there is no possible way for the method to be used to find accurate dates.

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If this new research does stand up to scrutiny, it might be one more nail in the Neanderthals-were-mindless-brutes coffin. After all, we already have evidence that Neanderthals used tools , that they may have decorated themselves with bird feathers , and that they engaged in some sort of burial rituals. Anthropologists like Finlayson argue we should evaluate how hominins behaved in their environments rather than comparing them to one another.

Subscribe or Give a Gift. Brazil Dissolves Its Culture Ministry. This means that when thermoluminescence results say that a terracotta sculpture is years old, it is really between and years old. The date of creation of this Aztec deity was narrowed down to the early s using thermoluminescence. Artists Authentication Authentication Services Authentication.

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Authentication Information About art authentication. Scientific Methods Scientific tests. Dating of paintings You are here: So when is it useful to perform scientific dating? Carbon Carbon dates organic material. Dendrochronology Dendrochronology refers to the scientific method of dating wood, using the presence of tree rings.

How to Find Out About Your Old Painting