He cheated when we first started dating

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Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. He cheated when we first started dating My boyfriend and I started dating almost 3 years ago. We deployed together a few months later and he got to come home for vacation before I did. He came home at the beginning of the deployment and I got to come back near the end of the tour.


After we got back, we got to go on block leave, and I went home with him to see his family, instead of mine. I just recently got out of the army and we bought a house in his hometown. He doesnt have any kids, but I have two. He swears it only happened those two weeks and he was drunk the whole time. And he swears it was the worst mistake of his life.

Now I realize that cheating is caused by both parties most of the time, but I didd't do anything to provoke it.

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We hadn't even been together a year yet. NOw I'm sitting in his town, with his friends, cause he's still in the military, and all I can think about is if he's cheating on me again. I have to see this girls family, and I have to be nice to everyone one, but all I want to do is cry. She knew we were together.

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I can't talk to any of these people about it, cause they'll take his side. They're all HIS friends. I don't know anyone here And I can't talk to my family about it, because if we ever do get married, they'll never like him. But it's ruining my life. And I can't get him to talk about it. He says there is really nothing to talk about, he's told me all there is to know. I feel stupid for even moving here, and wish I had a way to move out Okay, so I didn't intentionally forget to mention my children. If they had to the make the decision, they would stay.

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They're father isn't in the picture by his own free will. He doesn't pay child support, doesn't call. My boyfriend is awesome with the kids, and since they're young 5 and 7 He's trying to My boyfriend is awesome with the kids, and since they're young 5 and 7 He's trying to explain to them that he's not their real dad, but he wants to do daddy things with them.

I couldn't ask for a better person for my kids. He lets me do my thing as their mom, but he includes them in everything he does outside of work, or on family oriented work events. He even goes tot he school events when i can't make it due to work. I just can't get past the cheating, because i have to see this woman, and she'll be at every family function, because she's such a close friend of the family.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I have been cheated on and that fear and anxiety of if he will cheat again or if he is doing it now, it will never go away. One who breaks that trust can never be trusted again, if you do it once you do it again or have the possibility to do it again. You trusted him and he cheated on you, drunk or not, people can access their minds at anytime and determine rite or wrong. I am REALLY drunk right now but even if 20 hot ladies walked in and unzipped my pants I would have to let them leave, I love my girl with all my heart and if she left me that would be as if she took all my blood too.

You can't trust him and he obviously does not love you if he cheated on you.

He cheated when we first started dating.... that was over 2 years ago?

I am so sorry girl, be strong and get up and find someone who cares. Don't let your teeth hold back your words, what must be said must be said. People do not change. He really loves me and wants a future but I really really hate what happened.

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I really would love to hear any stories of what other people have been through to help me along in my decision please and thanks!!!! Also what do you think about cheating early in a relationship? Please login or Register to submit your answer. Username or Email Address.

We really love each other and we were excited about our future together… 1 week into living together I discovered messages between him and a girl he used to work with from when we had been dating 2 months.