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Rebecca Schull plays Edith Ross, Mike's grandmother and caretaker after his parents' deaths, in two episodes.

Ben Hollingsworth appears in two episodes as Kyle Durant, Mike's rival and fellow associate, and Max Topplin appears in four episodes as Harold Gunderson, another associate. The pilot episode gained a 1. Suits was ranked third in males aged 18—49 and males aged 25— From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gabriel Macht Patrick J. List of Suits characters. List of Suits episodes. Retrieved August 9, Retrieved August 7, Welcoming a New Show with Open Arms".

Creator Aaron Korsh talks cliffhangers, chemistry, and of course, that can opener". Retrieved August 29, TV by the Numbers. Archived from the original on July 22, Retrieved June 24, Archived from the original on July 18, Retrieved July 1, Retrieved July 8, Retrieved July 15, Retrieved July 22, Retrieved July 29, Retrieved August 5, Retrieved August 12, Retrieved August 27, Retrieved September 3, Retrieved September 9, Characters Pearson South Korean remake.

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Retrieved from " https: TV series American television seasons. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 13 January , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After Harvey Specter, New York City's best closer, finally achieves his goal of becoming a senior partner at Pearson Hardman, he discovers he must hire a new associate from Harvard Law School. Mike barely escapes getting caught taking an exam for someone else.

Mike discovers the drug delivery is a sting operation and while escaping from undercover agents, he stumbles into the interview for Harvey's associate. Even though Mike never attended law school, Harvey hires him, impressed with his eidetic memory and quick thinking. Pearson discovers Harvey has lied to a client and makes him personally handle a pro bono case in order to keep his promotion.

The case involves a woman Dagmara Dominczyk who claims her boss sexually harassed her. Harvey assigns it to Mike and tells him to sever ties with Trevor. A judge Currie Graham insists that Harvey had an affair with his wife Nazanin Boniadi and refuses to fairly judge Harvey's case. Meanwhile, Louis reveals that Mike failed his drug test and blackmails him into smoking marijuana to win over a prestigious client. When the new CEO of a motor company wants to move production overseas, Harvey and Mike try to find a loophole to oust him and persuade one of the company's most loyal employees Titus Welliver to take the job of CEO.

The series revolves around corporate lawyer Harvey Specter and his associate attorney Mike Ross who, between the two of them, have only one law degree. Six actors received star billing in the show's first season. Each character works at the fictional Pearson Hardman law firm in Manhattan. Gabriel Macht plays corporate lawyer Harvey Specter , who is promoted to senior partner and is forced to hire an associate attorney. Adams plays college dropout Mike Ross , who wins the associate position with his eidetic memory and genuine desire to be a good lawyer. Rick Hoffman plays Louis Litt , Harvey's jealous rival and the direct supervisor of the firm's first-year associates.

Meghan Markle plays Rachel Zane , a paralegal who aspires to be an attorney but her test anxiety prevents her from attending Harvard Law School. Sarah Rafferty plays Donna Paulsen, Harvey's long-time legal secretary , confidant, and the only one at the firm who knows Mike never attended law school. Gina Torres plays Jessica Pearson, the co-founder and managing partner of the firm.

Michelle Fairley guest stars in multiple episodes as oil executive Dr. Ava Hessington, a high-profile client for the new Pearson Darby firm whose father has a past with Darby. Stephen Macht , Gabriel Macht's father, guest stars as Professor Gerard in the season's twelfth episode.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 13 January , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The merger complete, Jessica's new partnership with Darby is tested when he assigns Harvey a high-profile client, an oil executive named Dr. Ava Hessington Michelle Fairley , who has a deeper past with Darby than originally thought. Ava faces the loss of her freedom, if Harvey can't produce a win for her case.

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Mike works to reconcile with Harvey, while also trying to manage the fallout from his revelation to Rachel. After telling her "everything", they end up happily in bed together. Meanwhile, Louis convinces Darby to give him quartermaster responsibilities at the firm over his rival, Nigel, but the move backfires when Nigel is put in charge of the associates over Louis. After being told by Jessica that he can have his pick of the Pearson Darby associates, Louis asks Mike to help him on a seemingly unwinnable eminent domain case.

He offers Mike a mentor-mentee partnership in which they treat each other as equals, while Harvey continues to assure Mike that the two of them are "through".

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Harvey is charged with keeping Dr. Ava Hessington out of jail, but the case is complicated by his former mentor — the special prosecuting attorney and disgraced former DA of Manhattan, Cameron Dennis. When Harvey discovers that Cameron is making a deal with Ava's protege Nick, he reluctantly teams up with Jessica in a different plan of attack. The case is eventually settled out of court with Ava keeping her company and staying out of jail, though Harvey is not entirely pleased with the settlement.

Meanwhile Donna and Rachel try to help Harvey and Mike make amends. In the end, Harvey and Mike reconcile, leaving Louis behind. After having pleaded guilty to bribery, Ava Hessington gets arrested because Cameron Dennis now wants to link her to the murders of six protestors committed by the foreign colonel she bribed. Harvey and Mike finally get her out by letting the witnesses sue them, but both men think that she really ordered these murders.

During the case, Harvey meets Darby's "fixer", Stephen Huntley. While Harvey is tied up with Ava's personal case, he asks Louis to represent Ava's company, Hessington Oil, amidst a potential hostile takeover. Katrina Bennett wants to work the case with Louis, but refuses to be his personal associate so he rejects her. She then tries to work for Harvey, but is stopped and put in her place by Mike and Donna.

Afterward, she sends everybody in the firm a prank video of Mike, trying to annoy him and get closer to Louis.

Suits series 9 release date, cast, trailer, plot: Will there be another series?

She then is chewed out by Harvey, after which Louis lets her work on his case after all. Meanwhile, Donna forgives Mike and Rachel, and Mike and Rachel discuss being boyfriend and girlfriend. Huntley pursues Donna romantically, while Harvey lets Mike in on his plan to unseat Jessica as managing partner.

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Katrina and Mike work together to find a way to prevent the Gionopoulos Holdings takeover. Together, they discover that since Tony Gionopoulos has other holdings which are regulated by the FTC , a takeover of Hessington Oil would put them in violation of anti-trust laws. Using this information, Louis confronts Gionopoulos' employee who laughs at Louis, saying they as Wharton investment bankers are smarter than any lawyers.

He notes that Gionopoulos is having dinner with his "old friend", the FTC commissioner. Having failed to stop Gionopoulos, Louis offers to be Jessica's "black swan" and do her dirty work for her by convincing the Hessington Oil board to fire Ava, given that so many figure her to be guilty of the murders, and retain Pearson Darby as their legal counsel. During a mock deposition, Mike and Harvey become convinced that Ava is innocent. The conflicts between Jessica and both Harvey and Darby heat up when she prevents Louis from going to the board, thus sealing Ava's fate as the board fires her.

Meanwhile, Donna and Stephen agree to have a date and "an arrangement" to "satisfy his needs" while he is in New York. He gets tickets to see Daniel Day-Lewis in Macbeth , then tells Donna he has arranged dinner with Daniel after the show, causing her to instead take Stephen somewhere more private.

She attempts to tell Harvey about this the next day, but the timing isn't right. Mike and Rachel proclaim their love for each other, shortly after Mike and Katrina agree to a truce. Stephen assures Harvey that, despite Ava losing her company, winning Ava's murder trial is enough to get Harvey a shot at unseating Jessica as managing partner. Harvey figures his best chance at winning is to get the murder charge dismissed, but Cameron Dennis and the judge want to proceed with a trial. Harvey and Stephen then confront Tony Gionopoulos Rob Stewart with a threat to tie up his businesses in England with court cases unless he testifies that Dennis colluded with him to get Ava unseated, but Gionopoulos isn't scared away.

Stephen then goes behind Harvey's back and threatens Gionopoulos' daughter with a lawsuit, thus causing an angry Gionopoulos to start dumping shares of Hessington Oil and depleting the company's value. Harvey approaches Jessica for help, and they plan to have Gionopoulos Holdings buy Hessington Oil but reinstate Ava as CEO, in exchange for Gionopoulos testifying that Dennis left him alone in a room with a damning tape of Ava for him to view.

Suits - Season 2, Episode 2: 'Pivotal Moment in Mike and Rachel's Relationship' - 100 Days of Suits

Elsewhere, Donna and Stephen escalate their romance, but she gets angry with him when he references their relationship in an argument with Harvey. Mike later gets angry with Rachel when he finds out from her father that she has applied to attend law school at Stanford. The episode concludes with Jessica telling Harvey her plans to add him as a named partner in the New York office, but he questions her motives. In a flashback to ten years ago, Harvey resigns from the DA's office on the advice of his father and Donna rather than be complicit in Cameron's ethical violation.

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